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Motorcyclist 380+ Feet In the Air – This Would Tighten Your Pucker String

Ten time South African Supermoto Champion and master of the Trials Bike, Brian Capper, got the chance to traverse the beautiful span above the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban, South Africa on his motorcycle, but before you crank up the envy, consider that he was 384 feet in the air during his trip.

Trials bikes are hardly your standard motorcycle. Yes, they do have two wheels and an engine, but the similarity pretty much ends there. A trials bike has no seat, it’s purpose-built for competition – and you ride them standing up. They’re incredibly light weight and feature some seriously low – and we’re talking stump-pulling low here – gearing.

Trials riding is a sort of gymnastics event on two wheels and the riders take on an obstacle course to complete a path through a series of climbs, jumps and balance beams within a limited time frame. Riders lose points every time a rider’s foot hits the ground to help them maintain their balance.

Brian Capper

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