Lagos Governor Says Commercial Motorcycles Are Making Him Crazy

You think those emails from Nigeria promising you a few million dollars of easy money are annoying?

Well,  the governor of Lagos has problems of his own and says motorcycles and their riders are getting under his skin.

The Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola, said managing commercial motorcyclists is a huge headache for his administration. Fashola there’s no excuse for those who  “say that the people who ride commercial motorcycles are doing so because they have no jobs.”

He chalks up the problems the bikers are causing him to organized crime and points to empirical data shows which says motorcycles are a ready tool of organized crime. Fashola says civic improvements in Lagos should have taken care of the problem.

“We have managed open spaces better by creating green parks. Vocational centres have increased from seven in 2007 to 17 and have trained over 29,000 people and the number keeps growing,” Fashola said. “We have also revoked titles to quite a number of abandoned buildings.”

Fashola said all efforts to this point haven’t solved the problem and asked officials to “look at the entire scope of the impact of the commercial motorcycle business on security of life and property in Lagos State, look at what other states have done in managing the problem, to see whether those methods in other states, like restrictions, prohibitions worked and what you will recommend to us to do in order to continue to protect life and property.”

Nigerian government figures for October and November 2011 show that 170 out of 179 cases of accident victims treated at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital involved commercial motorcycle accident victims. Records at the Accidents and Emergency Centre on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway showed a total of 41 cases of commercial motorcycle accidents within the same period, and the 20 General Hospitals in the area recorded 1,039 cases of commercial motorcycle accidents.

It’s not just crashes that have Fashola at his wit’s end. Between January and December 2011, 346 riders were arrested on commercial motorcycles, and between October and November, 79 robbery cases were reported which were committed by commercial motorcyclists.

Fashola said the riders of 1,908 commercial motorcycles were apprehended in October, while 1,003 were arrested in November for a total of 2,911 cases in two months.


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