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Honda Recalling 126,000 Gold Wings For Defective Brakes

Though an NHTSA report does not mention any accidents as a result, Honda is recalling 126,000 touring motorcycles due to a braking problem which could potentially lead to a crash or a fire.

According to a report filed by the manufacturer with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Honda said that the recall covers the 2001-10 and 2012 GL1800 models, more commonly known as the “Gold Wing” line.

126,000 Gold Wings are being recalled for a rear brake system defect

The report appeared on the NHTSA Web site over the weekend, and Honda said the Gold Wing’s rear brake could still be partially applied even after the rider releases the brake lever.

“Continued riding with the rear brake engaged or dragging may generate enough heat to cause the rear brake to catch fire,” said a Honda spokesperson.

Honda says the problem comes as a result of issues with the Gold Wing’s braking system secondary master cylinder.

Honda informed NHTSA that the company was alerted to a possible problems with the Gold Wing braking problems in July 2010. The company said a customer finished a ride, parked his bike and a few minutes later “heard a small explosion, saw fire emanating from the rear brake area and used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames.”

According to Honda officials, it took some 16 months to determine the scope of the problem and figure out an appropriate course of action. Honda says they’re aware of 26 complaints of rear-brake dragging incidents – including two fires – across the United States.

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