Gee Dad, Thanks, Paul Tuetel Sr Picks Jesse James Over Paul Jr To Win American Chopper Buildoff

It might simply be made for teevee drama, but it had to feel like a knife in the heart.

Paul Tuetel, Sr. of American Chopper fame, really knows how to hurt a guy. Dad took the extraordinary step of picking his son to lost the OCC Build-off, not to himself, but to the third wheel in the contest, chopper builder and celebrity Jesse James.

During a segment of the OCC Build-Off Aftershow Tuetel the Senior, when asked who he thought would win the three-way, made for television build-off event, picked James, and it didn’t sit too well with this rival shop and former family.The answer came as a surprise to Cody, Vinnie, Mikey and Paulie. It might not have come out of the blue as Tuetel Junior isn’t  on speaking terms with dad, but the look on the younger Tuetel’s face spoke volumes as he watched his father “pick a total stranger” over his son to win American Chopper: The Build-Off.

Junior and Mikey had a little something to say about dear old dad.

You can catch the first segment of American Chopper: The Build-Off tonight,  Monday, Dec. 5, at 9 p.m. ET. You’ll also have a chance  to vote for the winner during the second episode of the build off during Chopper Live on Tuesday, Dec. 6, at 9 p.m..

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