A New Ducati Is A Christmas Gift – I'll Get Socks

If you’re like me, you’re just happy at Christmas when the whole family gets together and spends some quality time, dines on some delicious food and you watch as the kids tear into Santa’s bounty.

If, on the other hand, you have a team of two people willing to devote six hours, a roll and a half of  wrapping paper and a red Ducati Multistrada, well then, you got yourself a Christmas, brother.

Pro Italia, a Glendale, California motorcycle dealershhip, gift-wrapped a brand new Ducati and then sent it home to its new owner.

Tammy Hilton and Karen Rickman of  Pro Italia served as the Elves in this Christmas wrap-a-thon.

“Tammy actually found a photo of a bike online that someone had wrapped, so we decided to do it,” Rickman said. “We were trying to come up with something for the window that had a big impact and didn’t cost a whole lot of money.”

I think Santa would be proud.

The wrapping paper, bows and masking tape only added up to $10, and as a marketing ploy, the wrapping pulled in a whole bunch of positive comments on Pro Italia’s Facebook page.

The dealership also posted a video which featured the exceedingly lucky new owner unwrapping the bike.

You can check out the video by going to www.facebook.com/proitalia.

Rick Nelson sold the bike and said it was a stroke of pure luck that the gift-wrapped bike sold so quickly.

“The new owner saw our ad for it in Cycle Trader, and he had just called,” Nelson said. “I sent him a picture of the wrapped bike, and he said he wanted to buy it.”

Rickman said it’s unlikely they’ll take the time to wrap up another bike, but you never know…

“The whole plan was, we were going to wrap the bike and put it on our Facebook page and write something really funny like ‘We offer gift-wrapping,” Rickman said. “And we had planned on doing two, but it took a bit too long.”

Though I’d be the last one to look at gift bike in the mouth, I’d probably plotz in full if my wife would buy me one of these…

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