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So Cool, So Old School – The Yamaha Moegi

Some bikes are just, beautiful, and I must admit this one has captured my imagination.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as old school as it gets when it comes to motorcycles. I like them large, comfortable and powerful. I like to go fast and I rarely worry about how much gas I’m using.

But this Yamaha Y125 Moegi has caught my eye and made me think about what it is that really makes a motorcycle a motorcycle.

This concept bike is modeled on Yamaha’s first production machine, the YA-1. While the original YA-1 was  a knockoff of the German DKW RT125 and powered by a two-stroke engine, this concept is decidedly modern while somehow generating an old school charm, and I like it for that alone.

The first YA-1 weighed 300 pounds and cranked out a modest 5.6 hp @ 5000 rpm, but that was enough to move it along pretty well at the time. This new Y125 125cc four-stroke motor absolutely sips fuel, and that’s a good thing. Taking what’s essentially a beefed-up bicycle frame with a killer lightweight suspension and brakes, the designers still managed to keep the bike around 150 pounds dry – and that’s an engineering tour-de-force no matter how you look at it.

While it may still be a concept at this point, I can’t imagine Yamaha won’t produce some version of this machine. The coolness of  it extends to lights which are LED-based  and a rear wheel driven by a belt rather than a chain, but it’s the homage this machine pays to the original Yamaha and it’s pure beauty that would make this bike a hit stateside.

The one thing I tend to wonder about is the claimed fuel efficiency of  188 miles to gallon, but if it even gets close to that kind of mileage, you’ll see these bikes fly out of showrooms Yamaha makes a US version.

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