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Massachusetts Mulls Repeal of Helmet Law

Massachusetts lawmakers, just like those in Michigan, are weighing changes to the state’s motorcycle laws, including bills designed to change the current requirement that riders wear helmets.

In Massachusetts, current law requires all riders and passengers to wear protective head gear and provides an exception to riders taking part in parades.

One proposed change would remove the helmet requirement for riders and passengers over the age of 21, and yet another proposed change would exempt riders whose motorcycles are registered in a state without a helmet law.

Other bills in the same vein would prohibit children under the age of 5 from riding on a motorcycle traveling more than 30 miles an hour, ban the sale of exhaust pipes designed to make motorcycles louder and prohibit cars from passing through groups of two or more riding motorcycles.

The bills are were the subject of a public hearing this week by the Massachusetts Transportation Committee at the Statehouse.


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