The Ultimate List of Vintage Motorcycle Links

If you’re into vintage motorcycles, and if you love motorcycles what’s not to like with the history of the breed, we’ve spent a little time putting together a list of the top links to vintage motorcycle sites and events for you.


Because we’re always looking out for our brothers and sisters in the motorcycling fraternity.

You may not have the cash to run out and buy a vintage Harley, Indian, Brough Superior or Vincent at auction, but you can get an up close and personal look at them and who knows, if you can screw on the proper hangdog look at one of these events, maybe one of the owners of these classic bikes will take pity on you and let you take one for a spin around the block.


Vintage Motorcycle Event Links

Motogiro America – Motogiro D’Italia in Monterey, CA

The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering – Official Site

Legend of the Motorcycle – Official Site

AHRMA (American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association)

Soquel Vintage Motorcycle Show

Motorcycle Auctioneers

MidAmerica Auctions – Las Vegas Vintage Motorcycle Auction

J. Wood & Company Motorcycle Auctioneers

Bonhams & Butterfields – Vintage Motorcycle Auctions

Vintage Motorcycle Museums

National Motorcycle Museum – Anamosa, Iowa

Vintage Motorcycle Museum – Solvang, CA

Petersen Automotive Museum

Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum – Birmingham, AL

National Motorcycle Museum – Coventry, UK

Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum – Hampshire, UK

Wheels Through Time Museum – Maggie Valley, NC

Misc Vintage Motorcycle Collector Info

Vintage Motorcycle Clubs & Organizations

Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Magazine

Jay Leno’s Garage

Motorcycles of the 20th Century

British Motorcycles from A to Z

Vintage Photos of Early American Motorcycles

Vintage Motorcycle Specs

Isle of Man TT History

Sheldon’s EMU Vintage European Motorcycle Forums

Made in Birmingham – The Birmingham Motorcycle Industry

Ed Youngblood’s Motohistory – Motorcycle History

Vintage Motorcycle Memorabilia

Motorcycle Memories – Vintage Posters

Vintage Motorcycle Restoration & Sales

Baxter Cycle – British Motorcycles,Triumph, BSA, Norton

Vintage American Motorcycle Sales

A Whole Bunch of Other Vintage Motorcycle Links

Flat Out Vintage Motorbike
Antique Motorcycle Club of America
SoCal chapter of the AMCA
Colonial Chapter of the AMCA

DL “45” Homepage

Oregon Vintage Motorcyclists

Veteran and Vintage Motorcycles in South Australia

Harley 45 Restoration Links

VL Heaven
Hendersen Motors
Old Iron Rider
Outdoor Motor Sports
Classic American Iron

Insuring your collectible or vintage motorcycle

As for insurance for your collectible motorcycle? You should be able to get Agreed Value coverage on a classic 1959 BSA Gold Star Catalina valued at $15,000 for somewhere around $25 a month, and that gives you the whole shooting match of coverage.

You can spend a lot less, but if you plan to ride the bikes in your collection, the above pricing is a reasonable approximation of what you can expect to pay.

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