One-percenter Turkeys Terrorize Small California Town

Why would a turkey cross the road?

To launch a full-bore attack on a motorcyclist, that’s why.

motorcycle riding thanksgiving turkeyA gang of 1-percenter turkeys are repeatedly threatening motorcyclists in Walnut Creek, California by racing across the road to confront bikers. No one seems to know why the tasty Thanksgiving treats are targeting motorcyclists, but it’s a good bet retribution is in the offing.

“They’ll circle me and they’ll get closer and closer on each revolution, and then they’ll start hitting me with their wings and jumping up in the air and try to bat me with their wings,” said Dan Brown.

Most riders in Walnut Creek say they’re forced to go out of their way to avoid tangling with the Biker Birds.

No word yet on what the AMA has to say on the subject…

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