Would This Slick Concept Bike Strike A Chord With US Buyers? The Yamaha 125 MOEGI Concept Motorcycle

The Tokyo Motor Show is a hotbed for strange and way-out-there conceptual vehicles, most of them destined to stay on the drawing board, but this one, the Yamaha Y125 MOEGI, could actually cause a splash in the market on this side of the Pacific Ocean.

The retro feel of this ultra lightweight, air cooled single from Yamaha harkens back to the days when the Japanese manufacturers dominated with price-conscious single-cylinder wonders like the Yamaha SR500 thumper and the XS400.

Yamaha Y125 MOEGI

Yamaha hasn’t released any specs but it sure looks like this bike can’t weigh a whole lot more than 150-160 pounds. The awesome tires sort of remind you of a beach cruiser bicycle or a throwback Harley or Indian from the turn of the century.

What’s not to like with a machine that’s light weight, fuel conscious and looks like a Harley Silent Grey Fellow from the Chrome Age?

Yamaha went light on the hype for this bike and what they did have to say about the  Y125 MOEGI was a little thin on detail:

This concept model is a fresh embodiment of Yamaha design philosophy that combines the familiar look and feel of a bicycle in a motorcycle. Mounting a world standard 125cc class engine on a slim, lightweight frame, this model is designed to offer good fuel economy with an easy and enjoyable ride. Besides its appeal as a personal vehicle for daily commuting, it sports an active image that will lure owners on longer jaunts on the weekends.

This thing could be a serious competitor against the less attractive scooter offerings on the market right now, and at 125cc, it should sport the kind of power that a serious motorcyclist might find intriguing as an additional to the stable to ride for kicks or hand off to the kids.

The design alone should get the Y125 MOEGI some attention from buyers – if Yamaha ever gets around to making them on the production line…


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3 Responses

  1. Andrew Horning says:

    I’m not really so much into motorcycles anymore. But… I would buy one of these. It’s one of the three or four coolest vehicles of any type I’ve seen in the past few years.

  2. 'chase says:

    Where can I buy one of these???????

    • I am afraid, my friend, you’ll have to hitchhike to Tokyo if you want one that bad. I do think Yamaha is blowing a big opportunity not rolling this bike out in the US post-haste.