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Professor by Day, Gang Leader by Night – Stephen Kinzey and the Devils Diciples

“This has to have an explanation. He’s a Ph.D.,” said Stephen Kinzey’s father, Hank, after his son was implicated in a drug ring run by his son’s biker gang chapter. “Something knocked him off course.”

Stephen Kinzey taught eager students about motion and physiology, did work examining the effects of video games on the health of children, and he spoke with those same students about being a father and a devoted Catholic.

But there was another Stephen Kinzey. Not the tenured kinesiology professor at Cal State San Bernardino, but a tough guy known on the streets as Skinz, and it was this second persona who, at least according to the authorities, ran the Devils Diciples motorcycle gang and stayed on top of a string of meth dealers.

Professor Breaking Bad - Stephen Kinzey's DD Twitter Account

A couple of months ago, Kinzey, 45, found himself facing charges which include drug dealing, being the kingpin of a street gang and assembling a cache of illegal weapons. A former student and his girlfriend, Holly Robinson, stands accused of helping him run his skein of small-time meth dealers.

What made a mild-manner professor turn badass biker and meth dealer after class?

“He wasn’t doing it for the profit. What was he doing it for? To be cool? I don’t know. He has a job. He’s a tenured professor,” said Steven Sanchez, the San Bernardino County Deputy District Attorney .

Kinzey’s first taste of the outlaw life came when he was a teacher at the University of Mississippi some fifteen years ago when he joined the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club‘s local chapter after working his way through a divorce. The deal was sealed for Professor Breaking Bad ten years ago after Kinzey moved to San Bernardino County, the traditional hotbed and stomping grounds of the Hells Angels and Vagos motorcycle gangs. After flirtations with both those clubs, Kinzey formed his own chapter of the Devils Diciples. In the early days, the DD had just six members.

The Devils Diciples first came together in Fontana, California back in 1967, but the club now operates out of Detroit, Michigian, Kinzey’s hometown. Believed to have about 150 members nationwide, the DD website bills the club as a ‘motorcycle enthusiasts’ organization and “NOT a criminal organization.”

As far as the authorities are concerned, the DD have a point. The U.S. Justice Department went after the DD’s former national president, Jeff Garvin “Fat Dog” Smith, on federal drug trafficking charges back in 2009, but ended up dropping the charges against Smith and seventeen other DD members when they couldn’t make the case.

So how did it all come down? A police raid on Kinzey’s home in August allegedly took in a pound of meth and a cache of loaded handguns and rifles after authorities tapped Kinzey’s cellphone. According to the law, The evidence from those taps included text messages between Kinzey and his dealers and suppliers.

James Glick, Kinzey’s attorney, says authorities have blown the case up into media fodder.

“This is not a major drug case,” Glick said. “It’s just because of what (Kinzey) does for a living. It’s a motorcycle club,” he said. “It’s not like the Hells Angels.”

Kinzey is on paid administrative leave from the university is currently out on bail.

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