Billy Idol Should Probably Quit Riding While He's Ahead

Sky News reported that Billy Idol was seen leaving a Beverly Hills medical center hobbling around on crutches with his right foot in a cast.

Why? His old nemesis, the motorcycle, nearly cost him a foot this time around.

The singer wrote on his Twitter account that he went under the knife last week to “correct malformation of foot due to hitting a truck tire in road a year ago,” while riding his motorcycle.

“Hit foot on shredded truck tire causing a hairline fracture a year a 1/2 ago and it was calcifying causing malform pain,” Idol wrote. “Motorcycling at around 60 mph when i hit the tire in the road. meanwhile tonight I’m crushing one of these percocet pills and shooting it!”

In what must have seemed like a flashback to the heydey of his rockstar fame, Idol did experience some strange fallout as a result of his “treatment.”

“Nodded out woke up in a pile of my own vomit! This is like the old days,” he wrote later. “The pain in my foot has now resided so no more pain pills boo hoo but bollocks I’ve been there & (over) did that!”!/BillyIdol/status/131796582269063169

Billy Idol on Twitter

This isn’t the first time Idol has had some problems with his bike.
Idol was involved in a truly serious motorcycle accident – a crash which nearly cost him a leg – in February 1990 while riding in Hollywood.

The singer was hit by a car when he ran a stop sign while driving home from the studio one evening, and that collision required a steel rod to be placed in his leg and cost him some film work as well. At the time, director James Cameron had chosen Idol to play the T-1000 character in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The accident put an end to that planned appearance…

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