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Chitown Motorcycle Street Stunts Video

This may well be the coolest motorcycle video you’re going to see in a long, long while.

After all, how many people get to shut down a street in Chicago to spend the early morning hours doing motorcycle stunts?

Your average motorcycle stunting video is shot with amateur equipment in a parking lot somewhere, but 19-year-old Aaron Colton had the luxury of bringing along his own professional film crew and the cooperation of Cook County coppers to make this exceptionally nice video.

Colton, a Red Bull rider, had what looks like an enormous crew filming him doing wheelies, stoppies, and a variety of other superb motorcycle stunts on the empty streets of the downtown loop in Chicago from Wacker Drive to the Cadillac Palace and along the Chicago River.

“I had the opportunity to work with Vurb Moto crew in downtown Chicago for a RedBull video project called RedBull Night Tracks,” Colton said. “Vurb Moto is mostly known for all of their dirtbike films and coverage. For guys that weren’t very familiar with the Street Freestyle scene they were super easy to work with and we were able to really pull down some really sick shots.”


Here’s the video from Red Bull, and you can check Aaron Colton out on his website or his Twitter feed

If you’re a video production geek like me, you might be interested to hear what the guys at Vurbmoto, the crew responsible for the shoot, had to say about what it took to make it happen here…

This was our very first shoot on our new RED Epic camera.  I was camera op on the RED while Ryan Walters held it down with the AF-100 shooting with an immense Zeiss LWZ.2 lens, and we had the guys from Vortex Aerial churning out some amazing stuff with the RC helicopter.  We had the Chicago streets for a very short amount of time, and while it was an incredibly frantic few hours of shooting, lighting, running, repositioning, and screaming, we are happy with the way things turned out and we’re proud to now be able to show off the final product.

Huge thanks to Red Bull for such an amazing idea and for allowing us to concept it and bring it to life.  And to Aaron Colton for being such a badass.  Mad props to our entire crew for helping pull this off.

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