The Hartung Collection Trip Is Coming Together

You might have read last week that I plan to make the trip to Chicago to see the auctioning off of the Lee Hartung collection, a sale which will include some of the most desirable antique motorcycles on the planet just north of Chicago.

Wheels Through Time was tasked with pull all the gold from Hartung’s sheds and assessing the condition of the bikes, and here’s a video of some of this outrageous collection being worked on.

Auctions America by RM will be selling off this unbelievable collection of motorcycles and parts which were put together by collector Lee Hartung over a 60-plus year career as a salvage expert and junk dealer.

This collection includes at least 48 vintage motorcycles, ranging from a 1902 Wagner to a late 1970s Honda CB750K.

Hartung had displayed the bikes in his “museum” for years, and upon his death in May at the age of 86, it was decided to sell off the collection. Hartung, a Chicago-area junk and scrap dealer with an incredible eye for the rare and unusual, had a particular fondness for American motorcycles, and the collection included famous names like Indian, Henderson and Harley-Davidson.

But Hartung wasn’t above spotting a gem among the foreign makes and his collection includes a 1904 four-cylinder Belgian FN – in original running condition.

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