Custom Motorcycles Need Custom Motorcycle Insurance

Custom Motorcycle Insurance

Buying motorcycle insurance presents some challenges, and getting it wrong can cost you money and aggravation. Buying insurance for a custom bike? Well, it gets even more obtuse, Amigo.

If your ride is highly personalized, we’re going to give you some helpful advice to get you started on the right path to insuring your bike, and your ownself…

Whether you own a motorcycle custom built for you or you’ve labored to customized it yourself, insurance for your bike should be equal to the Cash Money worth of that bike. Not all insurance companies offer motorcycle insurance, and unfortunately, some companies that do offer it don’t like to cover custom bikes.

Here’s how you go about evaluating custom motorcycle insurance – and the companies who offer custom motorcycle insurance.

Custom motorcycles need specific provisions to make sure you're fully covered against loss.

What’s the Difference Between Standard vs Custom Motorcycle Insurance?
A standard motorcycle insurance policy is designed to cover street bikes which are basically in the same condition that they rolled off the line from a major manufacturer. They’re bikes in question are generally of the practical and functional variety for commuting or city rides. Policies in this vein cover replacement costs, collision, safety apparel, and loss of transportation. The value of a typical street bike is pretty cut-and-dried, and the Kelley Blue Book is a good source to see what a street bike with certain mileage, year of make, and horse power is worth on the current market, and it’s that value the insurance company will use to determine how much a particular bike is worth.

Custom motorcycle? They’re a whole ‘nother animal, and their owners are usually avid riders and appreciate the finer points of their machines. The value of a custom bike is reasonably hard to determine as a custom motorcycle is unique. That makes finding a cheap insurance quotes comparison a lot more difficult. When you’re talking about trying to insure a Zero Engineering masterwork, or a bike you’ve had custom built by anyone else, there are only so many ways you can find the value of a bike that falls outside the envelope. Insurance that covers a custom or classic motorcycle is vital for such a bike, and you’ll need to do some legwork before you start looking for a quote…

Buying Custom Motorcycle Insurance

Start online. It’s a  good way to get cheap insurance quotes and comparisons. Doing that initial search will give you a baseline and  help you determine which agencies offer coverage for custom bikes.

Most riders who have custom bikes hang with a crowd who ride them as well. Talk to your biker friends who have a custom bike and make it simple – ask where they get their insurance and how reliable their agency is when it comes to service. Many companies offer a discount if members of a bike riders association carry their policies with that agency, and you need to ask them specifically about this sort of coverage. They might also offer a discount if you own more than one bike and insure it with them, or if you have other multiple policies with the same company.

If you ride a custom, you need a company that offers:

  • Full replacement cost coverage – even though it may include customization
  • Full replacement of the same essential bike and its added accessories
  • Complete coverage for any passenger
  • Complete – and separate – coverage for any sidecar
  • Full liability up to at least $50,000
  • Full collision coverage
  • Full theft coverage
  • Protection against vandalism
  • Solid coverage against uninsured or under-insured drivers

Web Sites to Help You Figure Out the Value of Your Bike

Start with the Kelly Blue Book ( You might have some luck finding a value for your bike there, but don’t count on it if your bike is a classic or an extreme custom.

Another site that offers a way to find a reasonable value for motorcycles is the National Automobile Dealers Association site ( You might run into the same problems there, but it’s a decent way to start.

Then go online at any of the sites  of the reputable agencies and  see what coverage is available, whether the agency is reliable and what rates they charge one at a time. Once you’ve checked out the options, you’ll know where you stand and what to look for in the ultimate motorcycle insurance policy…

Bad things can happen to you and your bike, and your insurance needs can get complicated. We’re here to help…

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