Bus Driver in Hells Angels Road Rage Killing Held For Murder

The driver of a transit van who intentionally swerved into a group of Hells Angels motorcycle club members in San Leandro, CA., was charged with murder after police said he admitted to trying to hit the riders.

Eddie Hall, 31, of Oakland, CA, was charged with murder and felony hit-and-run over the crash that killed George Lopez Jr., 51, of Stockton, CA.

Hall allegedly ran into Lopez with his East Bay Transit van. The accused said he was “upset” at the way people around him were driving, including the motorcyclists.

“Hall claimed he was upset at the time because of the driving behavior of others and the behavior of the motorcyclists,” said San Leandro Detective Anthony Morgan. “Hall admitted to knowing the motorcycles were in the lane he intentionally swerved into and to knowing his actions would cause his bus to strike the motorcycle.”

Witnesses told the authorities that Hall “aggressively pulled the steering wheel to the left and collided with the motorcyclist.”

Lopez, who was thrown from his bike and fell into the path of the van, was killed then the van ran him over. Witnesses added that Hall kept driving  –  with the motorcycle wedged under his van –  for more than a mile. The motorcycle burst into flames which finally led Hall to pull off the  freeway and run, said a police spokesperson. Hall was later arrested y a sheriff’s deputy.

Hall faces other charges, one for attempted murder  for allegedly aiming to kill a second motorcyclist, and another for using his van as a deadly weapon.

Hall is being held without bail at Dublin, CA.

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