Next Hells Angels Funeral Might Provide More Fireworks But Angels Insiders Say It Won't Happen

In yet another trip to the San Jose’s Oak Hill Memorial Park, police say they’re gearing up for more potential violence at a biker funeral two weeks from now after Hells Angel Steve Tausan was gunned down at that cemetery while attending the funeral of Jeff “Jethro” Pettigrew.

The Hells Angels say no trouble is in the offing as they pay their respects to the former enforcer from Santa Cruz who  was killed in a firefight by a San Jose Hells Angel in front of hundreds of horrified mourners.

“They’re expecting a war or a cartel hit,” said Christopher Hecht, president of the Santa Cruz Hells Angels. “They need to stop watching ‘Sons of Anarchy.’ There is no power struggle. There is not going to be a land war going back and forth. That would kill what we believe in. We are going to bury our brother and go on with our lives.”

Hecht is probably right. Tausan’s service will be invitation only, and football legend Jim Brown plans to make the scene. Dozens of police officers were on hand outside of the cemetery as a line bikers rode through the cemetery last time, but Tausan was shot and killed and the suspect slipped away regardless of that police presence, so it remains to be seen if Hecht will be correct. There will certainly be lots more police patrolling this time…

It all began with the killing of Pettigrew at a Nevada casino.

Summer Pettigrew said she was very close to Tausan and also knows Steve Ruiz, the man suspected of killing Tausan, quite well.

“I don’t know why he did it,”  said Summer Pettigrew, Jeff Pettrigrew’s daughter. “I don’t feel anything, completely numb. I can’t mourn my dad, and now I can’t mourn Steve. It feels like a movie — a really bad movie.”

Tausan,  a Hells Angels legend and an ex-boxer who once killed a man with a couple of punches at the Pink Poodle strip club, was a tattooed bail bondsman who served as the club’s enforcer. Sources present at the scene say a fistfight between Tausan and Ruiz over the incident in Sparks at the casino led Ruiz to draw a handgun and shoot Tausan.

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