George Clooney Plans A Bike Trip – With Bono As His Travel Agent – Through Ireland

George Clooney, a guy who clearly loves riding his bike, plans to take a little motorcycle tour to rediscover his roots in Ireland, and Bono, the lead singer of the band U2, is putting together the itinerary.

Clooney says he’s clearing the decks of his film-making schedule to take the tour of the Emerald Isle in April of next year.

The actor’s father, Nick Clooney, can point to a great great grandfather, Nicholas Clooney, as a native of Kilkenny, and that’s the purported reason for the road trip. Clooney usually hits the  back roads around his Italian villa in Lake Como, and most often with his latest lovely squeeze on the back.

The world’s most eligible bachelor revealed his plans for the Irish motorcycle trip to the Irish Examiner newspaper.

Not much better than having Bono put together your Irish itinerary. Sure beats calling AAA.

“It’s finally happening,” Clooney said. “I ran into Bono here in Toronto, who was in town for the documentary about U2 and he’s as much of a bike nut as I am. He started telling me about lots of cool places I should check out, so I’ve committed to going there in April.”

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