Hells Angel Intentionally Rammed, Killed By Transit Bus in California

Witnesses say a  bus driver intentionally rammed and killed a Hells Angel on Interstate 580 in San Leandro, CA., and the bus he was driving dragged the biker about a mile.

San Leandro police say a bus driver intentionally rammed and killed a Hells Angel after a highway altercation.

A California Highway Patrol spokesman said the Hells Angel, who has not been identified, was eastbound on I-580 with a small group of fellow Angels members before when an altercation began. According to Trent Cross of the CHP, the motorcyclist and his bike were dragged for about a mile before being dislodged from the bus.

Cross said the East Bay Paratransit bus kept dragging the motorcycle until the bus stopped on the shoulder. The unidentified Hells Angels was flown to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley and pronounced dead.

He added that the bus driver has been arrested.

CHP authorities said they’re interviewing four witnesses who allegedly saw the incident, and all of those witnesses are saying the bus driver intentionally hit the biker.

“The preliminary information they are providing was that it wasn’t an accident, it was an intentional ramming,” said San Leandro police spokesperson Greg Lemmon. Lemmon added that no passengers were on board the bus during the collision.

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