Keanu Reeves Dinged Up His Classic Norton Commando – It's A Crime

If someone finds a way to crash into your bike – while it’s parked – you might get a little hot under the collar. Keanu Reeves managed to stay chill.

The former movie star walked out into a parking lot in Los Angeles this week and found – the coppers waiting for him. Their issue? They gave Reeves the less-than-optimal news that a distracted woman had backed her Mercedes over his Norton Commando 750.

Witnesses said Reeves and the officer checked out the bike, and that was all she wrote. The actor climbed aboard and headed off safe in the knowledge that his legal team could begin to torment the woman who dinged his bike.

It wasn’t Reeves’ first incident squaring off with a horrible driver.

“By the time I figured that all out, I took the bumper off the car,” Reeves said of the crash, “and I ended up sitting on the ground with that bike lying over there and my tooth was cut in half.”

Left with a mouth full of blood and a flap of skin hanging off his shin, a bystander asked if he was okay –  and then asked for an autograph. And that isn’t the worst of it. Reeves lost some spleen after another accident back in 1998.

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