The Safest Times of the Day And Days of the Week To Ride Your Motorcycle

What do the numbers say? Well, they should indicate to you that riding while there are lots of commuters on the road is a damn good time to keep your antennae up and stay focused.

It seems the most likely times to be involved in something dangerous while you’re riding your bike are the times when people are heading to or from work or out and back from their lunch hours.

It does make sense, and so does keeping your eyes peeled and your focus on the vehicles around you at these hours of the day.

Motorcycles have become more popular in recent years and they now appeal to a new group of riders – most of them older and more affluent.

Sales of all types of two-wheeled motorcycles totaled over 1 million in 2008, but fell a startling  41 percent in 2009.

Back in 2008, there were some 7.7 million motorcycles on the road.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, motorcycle fatalities had been climbing for 11 years, reaching 5,312 in 2008, the highest level since the Department of Transportation began collecting those figures in 1975. In 2009 motorcycle fatalities fell a reassuring 16 percent, to 4,462.

One number which should prove alarming is that there’s also been a dramatic jump in the number of deaths among motorcyclists age 40 and older in recent years.

Motorcycles are by their nature far less safe in a crash than closed vehicles, and they’re also less visible to other drivers and pedestrians. Operating a motorcycle requires a different combination of physical and mental skills than those used in driving four-wheel vehicles, and motorcyclists and their passengers are more vulnerable to the hazards of weather and road conditions than drivers in closed vehicles, so keep your senses tuned to what’s going on around you and above all, keep the rubber side down…


Day of week
Time of dayNumberPercentNumberPercentNumberPercent
Motorcycle riders killed
Midnight to 3 am1947.3%32512.4%5199.8%
3 am to 6 am1013.8993.82003.8
6 am to 9 am2067.8572.22635.0
9 am to noon2097.92389.14478.4
Noon to 3 pm42916.139615.182515.6
3 pm to 6 pm66224.950619.31,16822.1
6 pm to 9 pm47417.857021.71,04419.7
9 pm to midnight37314.041315.778614.9
Total2,657100.0%2,625100.0%5,290 (1)100.0%
Motorcycle riders injured
Midnight to 3 am2,4804.6%2,9297.0%5,4095.6%
3 am to 6 am1,8733.55961.42,4692.6
6 am to 9 am6,28411.61,3433.27,6277.9
9 am to noon6,00811.15,38412.911,39111.9
Noon to 3 pm8,81216.39,22322.118,03518.8
3 pm to 6 pm14,068269,09321.823,16024.1
6 pm to 9 pm9,60517.78,73420.918,33819.1
9 pm to midnight5,0709.44,48610.79,55710.0

(1) Includes 8 motorcycle riders killed on an unknown day of week.

Source: U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Safety Administration.

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