Motocross Riders Scrap It Out For One Million Dollars at the Monster Energy Cup

Riders like Ryan Dungey, James Stewart, and Ryan Villopoto have all confirmed to race this weekend, a three race winner is definitely a possibility, but the real deal would be one rider walking away with One Meeelyun Dollars…

This weekend, the best riders around the country will gather in Las Vegas to compete for a $1 million prize during the Monster Energy Cup. Each race has a $250,000, but if a rider can claim victory at all three races, they’ll walk away with a $1 million check.

“I am looking forward to competing in the Monster Energy Cup,” said Ryan Villopoto. “With three main events and a million bucks on the line, we are going to have some great racing.”

If there’s no million dollar winner, the Monster Energy Cup is sure to be a spectacle. The track was specially designed by motocross legend Ricky Carmichael and supercross great Jeremy McGrath and will send riders into the stands at Sam Boyd Stadium and feature elements from all dirt-disciplines.

“This is one of the most diverse race tracks ever assembled,” said Dave Prater of Feld Motor Sports. “The track itself will be developed for an open-class displacement concept. We will create obstacles, corners, and the start straight to help the 250cc machines compete against the 450cc machines, which will in turn level the playing field. ” (You can see an animation of the track here.)

The Monster Energy Cup will also see a big trick competition that will see the winner walk away with $40,000. Todd Potter, Jackson Strong, Mark Monea, Kyle Loza, and Cam Sinclair.

As an added bonus, while you watch the Monster Energy Cup you’ll also get to see a whole bunch of Gemma-Lee Farrell. Farrell won a 10-week-long contest which saw 21 beautiful women compete to become the first-ever Miss Monster Energy Cup.

“Thanks goes out to everyone all around the world who voted for me,” exclaimed Farrell. “It’s awesome that I get to serve as the first-ever Miss Monster Energy Cup. I am so excited for this historic race next weekend. The whole weekend is going to be so much fun. Vegas, here I come!”

Farrell will hoist the 30-second board during the start of each race this weekend in Las Vegas and greet the top riders in the winner’s circle.

The Monster Energy Cup will be held this weekend. You can watch it on Speed TV at 10:00 PM on October 10.

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