Bikers Slacking On Motorcycle Safety Course Requirement In Three States

A survey conducted by the American Automobile Association reveals a disturbing fact. One-third of motorcycle riders in states which require them (and also happen to have the highest rates of motorcycle accidents) have not completed a safety education course.

The course completion has been required by law for more than three years in Georgia, Florida and Tennessee.

“I hope some of the bikers are just not aware of the safety classes. But if they are aware and are just not taking the course, that is really frightening to me,” said Marsha Kut of of AAA.

Some riders know the course would benefit their riding skills, but for various reasons, they’ve failed to complete the requirement.

“I could probably learn from the class, but no, I haven’t taken it,” said Bill Lovatt of Fort Myers. “I’ve been biking cross-country for 30 years and I’m very safe.  I’m defensive, I watch the road and traffic. I figure I have learned my safety lessons out on the roads over many, many miles.”

Taking the course is, in general, suggested by dealerships and their staff, but it doesn’t seem to be helping the numbers.

“We encourage bikers of all experience levels to take the safety course. It’s really very good on defensive driving and it offers invaluable information,” said Ron Hall of Harley-Davidson of Fort Myers.

The survey was conducted among motorcycle riders in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee.

The safety courses generally cost from 200 to 300 dollars, although Harley-Davidson offers the course free if you buy your bike from them.

Authorities can impound a bike if they find a rider hasn’t completed the course and received the safety class endorsement on their drivers license, so it’s probably an excellent idea to do it if you want to keep John Law off your back and out of your garage.

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