Women Hit the Road In the Harley-Davidson My Time To Ride Video Series

My Time To Ride” is a Harley-Davidson marketing vehicle aimed at getting women out on the road as riders and not simply as passengers, and to that end, it’s a damn fine idea from the crew in Milwaukee.

The video series features four women as they start out on their journey towards becoming capable and experienced motorcyclists.

Katie, Roshani, Gabriella and Laurie were looking for a way to do the one thing we love to do – ride their machines and hit the open road.

“This series captures some amazing life transformations as these women find the liberation that can only be found on the road,” said Claudia Garber, the Director of Women’s Outreach at Harley-Davidson.” Learning to ride a motorcycle is a powerful life-changing experience, and this comes through in these videos. We hope these four women will inspire other courageous women to take the first step toward learning to ride.”

How did the company find the four women featured in the series?

All four were the winners of a nationwide contest that H-D put on over the summer.

More than 35,000 people entered the contest by way of a descriptive essay about of the reasons they wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle. Once all the entries were received, four winners were chosen.

You can watch the first two episodes (out of a total of six planned ) and follow these women traveling to Milwaukee and taking a Harley-Davidson Rider’s Edge New Rider course.

Watch “My Time To Ride“ here…

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