The Dirty Lowdown on Buying Motorcycle Insurance – Some Tips and Tricks

What are some of the more common questions we get here at

We thought we’d give you a little rundown of those to help out when it comes time to buy insurance for your bike.

What is the average cost for motorcycle insurance?

Tough one. It’s a lot like asking, “what’s the average cost of a motorcycle?”

It’s impossible to say what an “average cost” is for motorcycle insurance because it varies by the type of bike you ride, the location where you live, the driving record of the rider and lots of other factors. The best way to know what the cost? Get a free quote. There are tons of providers who offer them online, and it’s a hassle-free way to shop.

motorcycle insurance tipsHow much coverage do I need?

Yet another question to which we can only answer, “It depends.”

Your best course of action is to choose the most complete coverage that fits within your budget.

Just make sure that, should you have an accident, you’re sufficiently covered and don’t end up having to pay large bills out of your own pocket. It means selecting the right amount of comprehensive, collision, bodily injury liability, property damage liability, accessory and other coverage to protect you and your investment.

If you need help determining how much coverage you’ll need, it makes sense to contact a specialists, so take a little time out and make it happen.

What do I do in the event I’m in an accident?

Here are a few key steps that’ll help you through the immediate situation and ensure your claims process runs smooth like butter:

1)  Get all the vehicles involved safely away from the roadway and block traffic for as little time as is possible.  If any of the vehicles aren’t drivable, leave them where they are contact the police to examine the scene.

2)  Contact the police. I know it’s a tad redundant, but the police are your impartial witnesses and they’re experts at controlling accident scenes. Let them do their job…

3)  Get all the information regarding any witnesses that may have seen the accident and write it down. You’ll need it later and you won’t be sorry you took the time to do it.

4)  Exchange your information with any other people involved, and that means get the names, addresses, phone numbers, vehicle identification information, license plate numbers and insurance information from everyone – and that means everyone – at the scene.

5)  Everyone has a camera or cell phone handy, so take photos of both vehicles and the scene (skid marks, overviews of the intersection or stretch of road). They’ll help clear up questions regarding damages and liability later when you file your claim. They don’t have to be art, they just have to be decent, so take lots of pictures.

6)  If your vehicle is rendered unrideable, avoid further damage or having it stolen by having your bike trailered to a safe location. It can be your home or a repair shop, but don’t leave it at the scene.

7)  Report the accident to your insurance carrier immediately. That means right now.

Does it cost anything to get a quote?

Nope. It only takes a few minutes to get a good quote and it won’t cost you one thin dime.

Does getting a quote for motorcycle insurance affect my credit score?

Again, nope. Most insurance companies do what they call “insurance scoring,” which does take financial responsibility into account, but unlike the typical credit checks involved with applying for a loan, most companies use what’s called a “soft hit,” and that kind of inquiry doesn’t affect your credit score one bit.

How do I qualify for your best rates for motorcycle insurance?

Get a quote. Most companies will do anything possible to offer you the best rates they can – they want your business, and unless you ride like Travis Pastrana, they’ll work with you to write a policy. Things like completing a rider safety course, riding safely and installing anti-theft alarm systems will help lower your rates. You can learn about other ways to save on motorcycle insurance by reading this guide…

Can I buy motorcycle insurance online?

You betcha. Just complete a standard quote form online, and you generally have the option to continue to purchase at the end of the process. Some companies even send you the quote via email when you’re done with the process – and you didn’t even have to buy from them to get some very useful information.

Do companies offer trike insurance?

They do indeed. If you ride a trike, the details are a little different, but not much, so check out the information on each company’s site when you’re buying trike insurance.

How do I file a claim?

Visit the motorcycle claims page at your provider’s sit or call their Claim Department, and don’t wait to get it done.

Can I pay online?

You most certainly can. Just go to the provider’s payments page and select the form of payment that is right for you. You can generally choose from making a one time payment or set up automatically recurring payments with a credit card or echeck. Nice, because then you never have to worry about missing a payment.

Should I insure my motorcycle with a firm that specializes in powersports insurance?

The real reason to choose a company that specializes in motorcycle insurance is that they know how to work with you every step of the way. It all comes down to experience. From selecting the right amount and type of coverage to quickly resolving any claims, specialists understand the needs of motorcyclists better than most companies.

They know your bike isn’t just a car with two wheels, and that comes in very handy when it’s time to make a claim.

Whether you ride a sport bike or an American cruiser, your insurance needs can get complicated.

We’re here to help you find the right motorcycle insurance, whatever you ride…

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