You Ride It, Now Wrench It – Motorcycle Repair Tips and Links

Part of the fun of owning and riding a motorcycle is putting your own personal stamp on your machine, and to do that, you need to know a little about how it works and what it needs in the way of maintenance.

With the cost of even the most simple maintenance items – oil changes, chain lubing and bulb replacement – heading north of cheap, these links and maintenance tips will save you some cash and give you the sweet, sweet satisfaction of having taken care of the work yourself.

Here are some great blogs and sites to help you get started on the path to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance:

  1. Dan’s Online Motorcycle Repair Course – A complete site and guide to DIY motorcycle repair.
  2. How to Repair Motorcycle Brakes : How to Check a Motorcycle Master Cylinder – Learn how to check your master cylinder and keep your motorcycle brakes in good shape.
  3. Motorcycle Repair Tips and Other Resources – An excellent blog that covers all kinds of things, the motorcycle section has great tips and advice for motorcycle repair.
  4. Motorcycle Repair Forums – Forums to assist in performing your own motorcycle maintenance and repair.
  5. Harley Service and Repair Manuals – If you need a repair or service manual for your Harley this is the place to find it.
  6. Service Manual Resources for Various Bike Models – Another top notch site for finding all kinds of motorcycle manuals, a must for any new DIY motorcycle mechanic.
  7. DIY Motorcycle Repair Inspiration – If you want to start repairing your own bike then this site can help you and provide some inspiration.
  8. Motorcycle Tech Articles – An excellent list of motorcycle repair and tech articles.
  9. Motorcycle Tips and Techniques – More great tips and resources relating to bike repair and maintenance.
  10. Basic DIY Motorcycle Maintenance – Important and essential information for any DIY motorcycle repair job as well as basic maintenance.
  11. Motorcycle Tire Repair – Need to repair a motorcycle tire while out riding?
  12. Buy and Sell Used Motorcycle Parts – Another great site to buy and sell motorcycle parts at great prices, this can be a perfect place for and DIY repair parts.
  13. The Motorcycle Project – This site has an abundance of great info pertaining to all things motorcycle maintenance and repair.
  14. BMW Motorcycle Repair and Maintenance – Here are more about 200 pages of BMW motorcycle trouble shooting, repairs, restoration and maintenance tips for older models.
  15. Gadgets Fixit Page – Modification and maintenance tips for Kawasaki Nomad and Classic with many general interest tips that apply to nearly all motorcycles.
  16. Build a Hog – Harley-Davidson, Maintenance, and Repair Videos
  17. V Twin Mama – Motorcycle maintenance tips and general motorcycle advice for women motorcycle enthusiasts.
  18. Motorcycle Exhaust Repair Manual – A Guide for people who want to repair a dented exhaust pipe without having to spend a lot of money.
  19. Fix my Hog – Touring edition maintenance video, the site also has all kinds of other great motorcycle related info.
  20. Beginner Guide for BMW Motorcycle Maintenance – If you ride a BMW bike this is a great resource to help you start doing your own maintenance and repairs. Some of the info is also great to know even if your bike is not a BMW.
  21. Motorcycle Repair – Covering all different types of problems you might have with your bike, with some great info on how to fix it yourself.
  22. Six-Step Motorcycle Spring Motorcycle Tune Up – Some essential tips for tuning up your bike before peak riding season.
  23. Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair – A great pile of interesting articles to help you maintain your motorcycle.
  24. Motorcycle Suspension 101 – A nice guide for motorcycle suspension setup basics and tweaks.
  25. Find Motorcycle Repair Manuals – Find manuals for all makes and models of motorcycles, these will help you become a DIY motorcycle repair pro.
  26. Auto Harley – Another site with great info for different DIY repairs on motorcycles, they do cover automobiles as well, so maybe you can get help with your bike and your car here.
  27. Motorcycle Sparkplug Maintenance (PDF) – A great guide for proper maintenance of your motorcycles spark plugs.
  28. Motorcycle Engine Repair – Another nice handy guide to assist with some of your motorcycle engine repairs.
  29. Motorcycle Plastic Repair – if you have scratches and dings in some of the plastic on your bike here are some tips to fix them yourself.
  30. Spring Check Up Tips for Your Bike – Some great tips to follow when doing a spring check up and tune up on your motorcycle.

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