The Luckiest Untoasted Biker in History

Brandon Wright was involved in an accident that left him lying under a burning car, and he ended up being the luckiest rider of all time.

If not for the herculean effort of brave individuals who witnessed the crash and lifted the burning car off an unconscious and trapped Wright’s body, it would have been finito for Brandon Wright.

“It’s a miracle,” Wright said. “I was conscious but I couldn’t move yet, and I couldn’t talk for awhile, I just thought I was going to be paralyzed. I just want to thank all the heroes that put their lives on the line to save mine, I’ll be forever in debt, I can’t thank them enough.”

Doctor Tom White said Wright was staring his final rest right in the face.

“I think if he had stayed there any significant length of time longer his injuries would’ve been much more severe and perhaps even lethal,” said White.

Lee Christensen, one of the rescuers, told Good Morning America, “Everybody was just reacting. It happened so fast. Everybody just worked together and we got him out of there.”

You can see a video of the rescue here. 

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