Twenty Truly Wacky Motorcycles You'll Never Own

Whether it’s the bike with the Rolls-Royce V-12, a fully electric bike that does the quarter mile in 7.8 seconds, or a bike that gets an economical 25 mpg at 250 mph, here are the twenty craziest motorcycles ever to hit the road.

You can cook on them, and some of them even let you cook in them…


Tired of being shown up on Sunset Boulevard by Orange County choppers and gold plated Hayabusas? The Ferrari motorcycle is the answer! It sounds real sweet and looks great parked on Rodeo Drive!


Just think of it as a Harley powered cross between a Velociped and a Big Wheel with a touch of steampunk thrown in for good measure.

Voo Doo Shelbycycle

Voo Doo Industries collided a 1968 Shelby GT500KR with a Hayabusa and ended up with this red Eleanor that would stop even Nicholas Cage in his tracks… on the way to bankruptcy court.

DuSold Triumph Rocket III

DuSold’s Triumph Rocket III features rim-mounted brakes on a one-off machined alloy wheel and air bag rear suspension. Given the 2.3 liter’s power, it might have been a good idea to fit an airbag to the handlebars too.

Bad Dog HumongoVee

Bad Dog Motorcycles wasn’t at all awed by the Triumph Rocket III’s 2.3 liter engine, so they went out and built themselves a 3.5 liter V-twin. The only problem is that they still lack a frame that won’t pretzel from the power of the 215 cubic inch motor.

Chrysler Viper V-10

Is this Chrysler Viper V-10 with four wheels a motorcycle, is it a ride on car, or is this just an example of how Chrysler got distracted on the way to bankruptcy court?

NOx Viperbike

No, simply cramming a Viper V-10 into a DIY motorcycle frame is not enough… you’ve got to try and coax a little power out of it with the nitrous oxide bottle!

The Honda Evo 6

This new bike takes the basic innards of the 1.8 liter Gold Wing Boxer 6 and wraps it in a V-Max-killer chassis that’s left every streetfighting poseur in the country gasping for breath.


Whenever Andrew Fishel, the owner of New York restaurant RUB, goes for a Sunday afternoon ride, he never has to worry about supporting his competition. He can just smoke himself up a mess o’ ribs right on his bike!

Suzuki Biplane

The Suzuki Biplane is missing wings, but what it does have is a 1 litre four-stroke DOHC V-Four with CVT under a fuselage that even the Wright Brothers would say is Wright On!

Kawasaki ZX10R

Now that many states are implementing sound restrictions for motorcycles, let’s blow out the cops’ db meters with this Kawasaki ZX10R’s 1,500 watt sound system: 12 speakers, a DVD flatscreen, two iPods, and a Sony PSP (to play Moto GP, of course).

Bomb Bike

This dude obviously saw the ending to Dr. Strangelove once too often, so he built himself his own bomb bike. So much for Hayabusa riders thinking their bike is the bomb!

Amen Hubless

Amen Design built a chopper around hubless wheels which work by fixing the rotating rim onto the outside of a non rotating inner rim, which makes a great place for carrying your groceries.

Acabion GTBO

This motorcyclepod’s 750bhp, turbocharged Hayabusa engine does 0-300 mph in 30 seconds and is speed governed at 340 mph. The aerodynamics provide excellent fuel economy: 25 mpg at 250 mph!


500 horsepower, 0-60 in less than one second, 7.824 seconds at 168 mph quarter mile, oh, and did I mention it’s fully electric?

Harley Sportster Enduro

Your buddy thinks he’s so hot on his 650 enduro? Teach him a lesson by showing up on the trail with this Harley Sportster Enduro powered by a 1 liter ironhead. Then Came Bronswroom…

German Twintrax

The German Twintrax features two, count ‘em two Harley / S&S Evolution mills for a total of 2,680cc packed into 880 pounds on an 81 inch wheelbase. If this doesn’t turn heads on the strip, you need a body transplant.

Rolls-Royce V12

Take a 5.5 liter V12 engine which is used in the BMW 750iL and the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph, and stick it in a motorcycle frame. If that’s not enough, run the whole thing on NOx! Then hang on!

The Confederate Fighter

Just drop into your nearest Neiman Marcus with $110,000 credit on your Black Amex and you can ride away on a titanium, aluminum and carbon fiber Confederate Fighter. Cheap at twice the price.

Yamaha Maxam 3000

The Yamaha Maxam 3000 is a three meter long retro scooter that restores street cred to the small wheel crowd. Just call it a modern version of a 1962 Cadillac Couple De Wheel.

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