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Quick Tips and Facts for the Motorcyclist – Our Motorcycle Safety and Gear Infographic

You ride a motorcycle for the thrill of being out in the wind, for the dangerous jolt of adrenaline you get when you screw on the throttle and feel the back wheel drop down, for the pure joy of slicing through a series of corners like a hot knife through butter.

But there is a dark side to that equation. Per vehicle mile driven, a motorcyclist is 37 times more likely than a passenger car occupant to die in a traffic crash?

That number is, to put it bluntly, alarming.

Here’s our advice: if you take the proper safety precautions and wear useful protective gear, you stack the odds in your favor and still enjoy your trip.


Motorcycle Insurance

Riding your motorcycle is, as you well know, inherently dangerous, and your motorcycle insurance needs can be complex.

We’re here to help you find the right motorcycle insurance – and the right safety gear for your next ride…

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