Heroes Save Utah Motorcyclist Trapped Under Burning Car

Brandon Wright was just out for a ride on his bike when a driver suddenly steered his BMW into Wright’s path as he turned out of a parking lot.

In an attempt to avoid a more serious crash, Wright laid down his bike and he and the bike slid under the BMW.

As a result of the crash, Wright’s gas line was severed and the bike and car burst into flames.

Wright had been riding on U.S. Highway 89 near Logan, Utah about 11:40 a.m. as he passed the Utah State University campus according to Assistant Logan Police Chief, Jeff Curtis. The driver of the BMW did not see Wright.

Several bystanders rushed to the car and lifted it off Wright while officers and other witnesses pulled him out and moved him to safety.

Wright suffered broken bones, cuts and burns, Curtis said. The driver of the BMW was not injured but “was shaken up, obviously,” he said.

Firefighters put out the flames shortly after the crash, Curtis said.

All that was bad, but there was worse news for Wright. He was trapped underneath the car and out stone cold.

Several bystanders went into action immediately, and they rushed to the car and lifted it up while others dragged  and unconscious Wright to safety. While it could have been much, much worse, Wright did suffer broken bones, cuts and burns as a result of the horrific accident.

He also learned an important lesson about human nature…

I’m particularly impressed with the woman who rushed to the side of the car and appeared to lead the attempt to lift the car.

Brandon Wright owes her – and the others on the scene to save his life – a debt of gratitude and more than a few pitchers of beer.

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