Mon Dieu! There Are Angry French Bikers on the Prowl, Mon Ami

When the French get pissed about something, they storm the barricades.

These French bikers are just plain pissed.

The French plan to take to the streets again this coming weekend, and they’re being lead by the French Association of Angry Bikers (FFMC ). The groups allied in the protest have ambitious plans, among them road user organizations, drivers, trucks and bus organizations and some clubs and sports organizations are hoping they can pull together enough support to snarl traffic in most of the big French cities with their protest.

Targeted for Saturday September 10 and 11 leaders say local organizations will start a protest run from cities around their main targets and then meet at staging areas. At a predetermined time, the groups organize into huge parades of motorcycles, cars, trucks, sidecars, and SUVs  which drive slowly through a city, blocking traffic for miles around and no doubt causing no small measure of consternation among other drivers.

 French Motorcycle Protest Rouen

Angry Frenchman take to the streets in a Biker Bastille Day

Organizers say most people support the protests even with the inconvenience they cause and the major traffic jams that result from them. According to organizers,  an unpopular government is being taken to task for levying excessive fines and taxes. Similar protests are scheduled to take place in the UK on September 25, and Belgium on the 24th of September.

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