Going Hard on Three Wheels

Bill Chambers set a new international speed record for three-wheeled motorcycles this week by a Lehman trike at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The trike was “unmodified” excepting of course for a hopped-up custom power plant.

If you’re thinking about going for a record at Bonneville and you can stand to be seen riding a “trike,” this might be your chance.

Ridden by racer Bill Chambers of Upland, Calif., the specially prepared Lehman Renegade reached a top speed of 123.4 miles per hour. The two-pass average over the course was 121.672, and that was good enough to set a new international record for the class.

The trike featured an unmodified Renegade conversion kit but did carry a custom V-twin power plant provided by engine developmental company Aces and Eights Racing from Deadwood, S.D.

“I think it is important to note that this speed record was attained using an unmodified Renegade conversion kit,” stated Ken Hines,  CEO of Lehman Trikes.

Racer Chambers said that the achievement at Bonneville “was one of the greatest highlights” of his career.

“The Lehman Trike design is amazing in its stability and handling,” Chambers added. “I look forward to returning to the Salt Flats next year and bettering the international record.”


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