What Do You Actually Save Riding Your Motorcycle? Lots of Dough and Your Sanity

Motorcycles were once a secondary vehicle for most people.

Riders now find them as a way to get out onto the open road; to see and smell the world on extended road trips, but with today’s increasing gasoline prices, motorcycles have become much more attractive to the bottom line as well.

Saving gas moneyMore and more, riders use their bikes to commute to work, and for that matter, for any essential travel. They aren’t very convenient in bad weather, but most motorcycles go many more miles than a car for the same gallon of gas. Your motorcycle can save you plenty of gas money when your errands don’t include heavy loads. Of course, your savings will vary according to your individual motorcycle. I ride a Kawasaki Vulcan Drifter 1500, and it consistently gets somewhere around 50mpg no matter how I ride. Consider that my SUV gets just over 20 mpg and you can see the potential for saving cash.

Riding a motorcycle and saving money on gas also means dealing with certain inconveniences you don’t face driving a car. I always wear long pants, long sleeves, and a helmet. While I’m not crazy about it, here in Michigan, a helmet is not only vital to potentially save my life, it’s the law.

I ride something like 8,000 miles during the season here, and over the course of those miles, it costs me about $600 in gas and a little more in oil changes. When you consider that driving the same number of miles in my car would cost me around $1450 and another $60 in scheduled oil changes, the savings are just a wonderful added bonus to the freedom of my riding obsession.

Your insurance needs can get complicated and you can save more than just money if you buy the right motorcycle insurance.

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