Video of Russian Supermarket Multimillionaire Killing Motorcyclist Sparks Outrage

A Russian media outlets aired a video which shows a millionaire Russian businessman in a Mercedes slamming into  a 24-year-old man on a motorcycle and killing the rider.

The accident occurred on a highway west of Moscow,  and supermarket founder Alexander Zaribko killed the biker as a result of trying to overtake the rider, Stanislav Lopatkin.

Zaribko, the multimillionaire  founder of a chain of supermarkets called Viktoria, owns a 29-per cent stake in the company worth an estimated $687 million at the time of its sale earlier this year.

A dashboard camera on another car shows Zaribko changing lanes at high speed and colliding with the biker before speeding away without slowing down.

At this point, many Russians are outraged as investigators say they don’t have any reason to launch a case according to a spokeswoman for the investigative committee in the Moscow region, Oksana Shlyakhtina.

Russian bikers are incensed and say the case is simply an instance of a wealthy offender escaping  justice.

“In the battle between money and video evidence, money will always win,” wrote a blogger identified as Silentiy.

A notorious case which occurred last year saw an executive of Russia’s largest private oil company, Lukoil, crash in his chauffeur-driven Mercedes and kill the two women in another vehicle. Investigators initially said the driver of the second car was guilty and closed their inquiry due to her death, but authorities were forced to reopened the case in July at the request of the dead woman’s relatives.

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  1. manup says:

    Just goes to show how dangerous it is to ride – anywhere.