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Insurance for James Bond and His Aston Martin DB5 Doesn't Come Cheap

The insurance experts had some fun trying to evaluate the unique needs of some famous cars and driver combinations from the movies and teevee, and their findings are actually pretty funny.

Check 0ut this infographic which takes into account the challenges insuring cars which feature some decidedly non-standard equipment like ejector seats, artificial intelligence and a flux capacitors.

When you stop to consider the spots James Bond got into with the Aston Martin DB5, the risk had to be considerable, but insuring high-profile types like the world’s greatest secret agent probably drums up some business, so their is some marketing value to take into account.

Now we need the guys at Allstate to come up with a similar graphic for the famous movie motorcycles of the past.

It’s our opinion that Steve McQueen would fall into the “uninsurable”  category, but he did have a lot of riding experience and that might count for something…


Note, this infographic is solely for entertainment purposes.

Check out the original here…

Bad things can happen to you and your bike, and your insurance needs can get complicated.

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