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Russian Prime Minister Gets His Wild Hog On

The Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, takes care of business at his most recent publicity stunt – saddling up to  “celebrate the nation’s bikers.”

Unfortunately, his credibility as a rider probably takes a little hit as the bike the motorcycle he was riding was – a trike.

Putin climbed aboard a Harley Davidson trike during a festival near a battleship in the port city of Novorossiysk, and  Reuters is reporting Putin referred to the riders he was with, the Night Wolves, as his “brothers” during the festival held to mark the city’s liberation during World War II.

“I want to talk to you, brothers. It is cool that you do not forget the heroes of the past,” said Putin. “Boys, girls you are great. Not only are you having fun while riding your bikes but you are also combining it with patriotic deeds.”

In the recent past, Russia’s prime minister has taken on scuba-diving, fishing, playing hockey, riding horseback, flying fighter jets and hunting Siberian tigers.

The leather was a nice touch…

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