All You Need To Know About the Hells Angels and the Mongols – Infographic


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Motorcycle Gangs


Motorcycle Gangs
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5 Responses

  1. ironhead says:

    How I wish that the Gypsy Jokers were just a group of guys on cool bikes. This is not the case – they dress bad to be bad and feel that they are above the law because they feel that they are the law. Recently, a wonderful lady friend of mine was threatened at a bar in NE Portland by one of the “higher ups” in the Gypsy Jokers of Oregon. The Gypsy Joker threatened her life because she showed up at the bar as planned to pick up some sentimental items from her ex-boyfriend who was there and who happens to be linked, through his niece, to the Gypsy Jokers. My friend stood her ground and got the police involved, but still, what the Gypsy’s do is drugs and if they can’t hook you by drugs they’ll attempt to hook your psyche with fear. Darn right low life thugs is what they are when you get down to it.

  2. I’ve known members of the GJMC through a family member (my father rode with them in the 70’s and early 80s). Granted most were dickheads but I don’t think they or any MC is that big of a threat. As was stated above most of them only rode their bikes when they were in search of drugs or alcohol. If your hanging in some lowlife bar or with tweakers you might be in danger of them. The real threat ,while were worried about these boneheads are the African American and primarily Hispanic street gangs moving into OR and WA. Count how many Surenos (Mexican Mafia), Nortenos (Neusta) there are here compared to Outlaw MC members in OR and WA. How many of those gang members are clogging our correctional institutions both adult and juvenile with thier members? Then take a look at how many OMG’s members are there, and your going to find its a much smaller number. Lets also take into account violent crime and who is more likely use it and what is more important to focus on. A kid on Tacomas Hilltop opening up with a AK47 on his rivals; or a Gypsy Joker beating some other drunks ass in some sleaze pit bar in Aberdeen.

  3. rideit says:

    It is still in my opinion, club business. Folks that are not wearing the patch of either club, A) don’t have shit to worry about. B) probably shouldn’t go around publicly talking about stuff that is CLUB BUSINESS. Keep in mind folks, Independents, mom and pop clubs, one piece clubs are by and large so far off the radar of the bigger 3 piece clubs, those large clubs could really care less about what you do. Provided, Your actual colors of your patch do not mimic theirs. That your not claiming territory, and, that your MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS, and, showing respect when appropriate. One good way to get put on their radar, is yackin about their business. In the biker world it is considered a disrespectful thing to do. Right up there with asking, do you know so and so, or, naming names. Easiest way in the world to avoid a negative encounter with a 3 piece club is……RESPECT. Show it, and you will get it. You better realize that every man wearing a 3 piece patch has earned that patch, and, respect that if nothing else. In my personal opinion a pretty good way to approach life. “treat me good, I’ll treat you better, Treat me bad, I’ll treat you worse.”

  4. Ask them about the Cowden Family murders in 1974. I have a friend who, after the bodies were discovered, overheard a new Gypsy Joker saying that the murders were a Gypsy Joker initiation.

  5. recerocker says:

    If you ride with your buddies to starbucks or taco wednesday, your really not even likely to encounter club guys. They do their thing you do yours and you will probably have more danger to your motorcycling experience from granny in her ford.