Feds Crack Stolen Motorcycle Ring In Ohio and Kentucky

Wondering where your stolen motorcycle ended up?

It may well have been Kentucky or Ohio, at least according to the Feds.

An indictment which charges that a group from Ohio and Kentucky conspired to sell stolen motorcycles named eight people from Ohio and Kentucky this week.

Authorities say the indictment includes five Kentuckians and three Ohioans and that the group made $2.5 million from the sale of the stolen motorcycles.

The eight named defendants were from Cleves, Ohio,  Newport, Ky., Cincinnati, Ohio, Ashland, Ky, and Pineville, Ky.

The feds say the gang was allegedly involved in a money laundering conspiracy and that they shipped the stolen bikes to destinations across the country. To do it, authorities say the defendants altered or wiped out vehicle identification numbers from stolen bikes which included a number of  Harley Davidsons.

To cover their tracks, the titles of the stolen bikes were transferred to third parties before they were sold to conceal the thefts.

According to the  indictment, the bike theft conspiracy was in operation from January of 2000 to February of 2008.

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Video of a motorcycle theft in progress:


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