Why You Need Motorcycle Insurance – The Nastiest Motorcycle Crash Videos

Motorcycle Crash Video

As anyone who has ridden a motorcycle for any length of time on the road will tell you, the drivers behind the wheels of cars just don’t see you.

Traffic conditions, distracted drivers and weather conditions will all conspire to leave you with a nasty case of road rash (or worse) so this crash video is just a little reminder of why you need to be alert at all times while you’re riding your bike.

Here’s a collection of crashes, tank slappers, lay downs, stoppies gone bad, stunt diasters and other assorted motorcycle accident mayhem to remind you to wear a helmet and gear that won’t burst into flames on contact with the unforgiving asphalt.




National Motorcycle Crash Statistics


It’s an asphalt jungle out there, hermano, and your insurance needs can get complicated. We’re here to help…

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