Michigan Learning the Electric Motorcycle Lesson – Current Motor Is Banking On It

Ann Arbor Company Building Electric Bikes: MyFoxDETROIT.com

Current Motor seems to have learned a lesson most of the automakers in Detroit were slow to pick up on; electric vehicles are the wave of the future.

Current Motor is banking on their new  invention to give a push to electric vehicle sales and introduce them into the affordable mainstream.

“Some electric vehicles are starting to become popular right now, but they’re so expensive,” said Current Motor founder Erik Kauppi. “We wanted to make affordable transportation that real people could use to get to work and back.”

Affordable? That may be a matter of perspective or the health of your bank account.

They company’s bikes sell for under $8,000 each. At  a penny a mile to operate, sooner or later, you’ll get your money back, but don’t pay attention too closely to the math. You have to use Green Think to justify the price equation, but perhaps the super feeling you’ll get from being kind to the environment is worth a few extra bucks when you buy.

If you need further convincing of your do-gooder-ness, check out this table which outlines the “carbon footprint” of various vehicles:

VehicleCarbon Footprint fromEnergy UseCarbon Footprint fromEnergy ProductionTotal
Large SUV39640436
Small SUV37137408
Full Size Sedan25325278
Mid Size Sedan23123254
Compact Hybrid12012132
250 cc motorcycle80888
150 cc motorcycle61667
Current Motor Companyelectric maxi-scooter03434

You can also consider this, if you’re willing to pitch in, Current Motor will lop a couple of grand off the purchase price if you join their “test pilot” program.

Test Pilot Program Details

  1. Test Pilot Program member receives:
    1. $2000 discount.
    2. $300 fee for each purchase made as a result of people they refer to us.
    3. Preferential pricing and priority availability on future trade-ins and upgrades.
  2. In exchange Test Pilot agrees to:
    1. Provide us monthly feedback on your usage of the bike for a period of 12 months – contact will be via an email containing a link to a short survey. Test Pilots are also encouraged to contact us with additional feedback.
    2. Provide permission to use their name and electric vehicle story in publicity.
    3. Allow us the opportunity to address any unexpected glitches with the bike at the company’s expense before they seek other redress.
  3. Enrollment in the Test Pilot Program is at the company’s discretion. We currently expect the first 25 bikes of each model to be available. We reserve the right to terminate the program when we have achieved the product development objectives.
  4. Acceptance into the program will be on a first-come-first-served basis with preference given to those applicants who are most willing to be part of the team.

The bikes use lithium ion batteries and plug in to any standard outlet for recharging.

According to Kauppi,  the bikes can reach a top speed of 60 miles-per-hour and go about 50 miles on a single charge.

“Current Motor CEO Lauren Flanagan, like Kauppi a former Ford Motor Company engineer, said the  company launched a test program back in January and set up shop in Michigan to be close to suppliers, manufacturing facilities and workers with the proper skills set.

Estimates are that some 25-million e-motorcycles and 120-million e-scooters will be whining down the roads worldwide in next five years, and nearly a quarter of them will be in the United States.

Current Motor scooters are being sold in Ann Arbor and online, and if all goes as planned, the company says it will create hundreds of jobs in Southeast Michigan.

You’re going to need to insure your new electric bike. We’re here to help…

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