Will This Invention Revolutionize Motorcycle Safety? Well…

According to a press release from Moto-Grip™, the company has come up with  a motorcycle passenger safety accessory which will revolutionize rider safety.

Ventures LLC, a New York City-based consumer product design firm and the inventors of  Moto-Grip™ and Moto-Grip Jr.™,  say their two new motorcycle accessories “are certain to set a new standard in adult and child passenger safety.”

According to Ventures:

Most (sport bikes) provide no backrest protection, and given the sharp, forward-sloping angle of many of these bikes, the passenger is positioned much higher than the operator, offering little in the way of actual or perceived protection against accidental ejection.

Product designer and motorcyclist, Andrew Lewis, says  his idea will take motorcycle safety to the next level.

Moto Grip motorcycle safety device“As an inventor and avid sport-tour motorcyclist, I was not only determined to address the problem, but to do so with a product design that would be generally accepted by the larger motorcycling community,”  Lewis said.

According to Lewis, The Moto-Grip™ is a safety harness equipped with two sets of padded handgrips on the front and rear of the harness. The harness is worn by the operator and the handgrips are held by the passenger. Because the passenger sits higher than the operator on most motorcycles, the harness and handgrips are also positioned high to maximize stability and comfort for both operator and passenger.

“These two products took nearly five years and more than 20 prototypes to ready for market,” Lewis said. “No detail was overlooked or expense spared to achieve the safest, strongest, most comfortable, and aesthetically appealing designs possible. These are two very serious pieces of protective gear that we believe will revolutionize motorcycle passenger safety.”

At $179.95 and $79.95,  the devices don’t come cheap, but if comfort isn’t an issue, they just might turn the trip in protecting riders from ejection accidents.

Bad things can happen to you and your passenger while you’re out for a ride, and your insurance needs can get complicated without the proper information. We’re here to help…

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