This Is How You Make a Motorcycle Film – Barry Munsterteiger's Escapism

How do you make a motorcycle look like the one thing you need to buy today?

Like this…

Barry Munsterteiger and his crew made this gem, and if it doesn’t make you want to hop on your bike and ride, nothing will.

Escapism from Barry Munsterteiger on Vimeo.

This staggering short film created by Barry Munsterteiger. In fact, it  includes footage  of him riding a new Ducati 1198.  The video starts starts out early in the morning in the always photogenic San Francisco and proceeds through the Caldecott Tunnel, through Altamont  and into the wine country.

Though there aren’t any of the usual fireworks and pyrotechnics we’re used to seeing in a motorcycle video, the shots and editing are so breathtakingly beautiful that we were stunned by the overall tone and quality of the project .

Munsterteiger has created a masterpiece. We were impressed, and you can check back with us tomorrow for an interview with him about what it took to put this piece of motorcycle art together.

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