Getting Burnt – California Lawyer Says Big Harleys Might Set Your Clothes On Fire

A federal judge ruled that a class action lawsuit against Harley Davidson is going forward. The judge sided with four bikers who say their Harley Davidson motorcycles were defective in their design.

According to the suit, the Harley engines ran so hot that they posed a constant danger to riders of being burned.

The complaint states that since 1999, Twin Cam motors between 88 and 110 cubic inches are capable of producing excess heat – enough heat in fact to cause clothing to catch fire. The suit also alleges that the motors burn hot enough to pose a danger of burn injury to riders and passengers. The suit adds that the overheating causes premature engine wear and transmission failures in some models made after 2006.

Harley Davidson said the Eastern District of California court should throw out the claims under state law, but a U.S. District Judge sided with the biker plaintiffs.

Greg Owen of  Owen, Patterson & Owen said Harley Davidson knew about the issue in the early 2000’s.

“When Harley customers complain to Harley’s dealers after their purchase,” Owen said “Harley’s response is ‘that’s normal’ and they refuse to offer an effective fix to the problem.”

Owen says the heat problem is due to Harley selling larger engines which don’t meet emission standards in many states, and one of those states is California.

“The fix is pretty simple,” Owen said. “Harley already has it – manufacture touring bikes with liquid cooled engines instead of air cooled engines.”

With the recent ruling in place, Owen said a class action suit will now move forward.

One question? Who expects their air-cooled motorcycle not to get hot?

Just saying…

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