Top Ten Motorcycle Dream Passengers – The British Perspective

It seems that British bikers have chosen the darling of motorcycling, former MotoGP television presenter Suzi Perry, as the woman they’d most like to have as a passenger on their bike. That makes it two straight years for Perry in the top spot.

British motorcycle insurance provider Bennetts conducted the survey, and the numbers don’t lie: fully twenty-five percent of Britain’s motorcycling fraternity chose Perry over the bike-friendly Angelina Jolie and Dancing With the Stars tasteroni Cheryl Cole.

The ladies top ten also included Megan Fox, Brit Lucy Pinder and, in a trip back through time, apparently, Pamela Anderson.

As for the guys, and who really cares, Valentino Rossi, David Beckham and Ewan McGregor led the list. At least Rossi and McGregor have a little motorcycling pedigree.

Beckham? Must just be eye candy for the ladies, but in fourth place, Brad Pitt.

Ouch. The wife finished ahead of Brad in the voting and he’ll probably never hear the end of it at the dinner table.


Top 10 Females


Top 10 Males

1. Suzi Perry311. Valentino Rossi35
2. Angelina Jolie182. David Beckham13
3. Cheryl Cole113. Ewan McGregor10
4 Rihanna114. Brad Pitt9
5 Beyonce115. James Toseland7
6. Megan Fox106. Orlando Bloom6
7. Nicole Scherzinger37 Tom Cruise6
8 Lucy Pinder38 Scott Redding6
9. Jennifer Metcalfe19. George Clooney4
10 Pamela Anderson110 Prince William4

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6 Responses

  1. dirttrackman says:

    Here’s my top ten list
    Jennifer Aniston
    Eva Mendes
    Kate Middleton
    Olivia Wilde
    Brooklyn Decker
    Marisa Miller
    Mariah Carey
    Somaya Reece

  2. Beyonce? You’d have to have an extra large seat.

  3. ironbutt44 says:

    You know, the best thing about having a motorcycle is not having to carry a passenger. Gets me out of the house on my own

  4. bobbermike says:

    Anyone have any idea who Lucy Pinder is? I guess I at least have some idea who most of them are, but not that one

  5. ironbutt44 says:

    Suzi Perry is my fave

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