Bike Find of the Day – The High and the Low Range – A Custom Street Chopper and a 1980 Yamaha 250 Exciter

For today’s edition, I got it into my head to see what there is out there on Ebay at the highest- and the lowest – end of the pricing scale.

The only caveats before I started searching were that you could plausibly buy the bike here in the US and that it had to be a runner.

I’ve never had the good fortune to pile up $75,000 or more to spend on a motorcycle as witnessed by the fact that I currently rider a 1999 Vulcan Drifter, and I had to buy and sell up to get on it for an even $3,000. That said, I love my machine and it rides smooth like butter. Perfect for long hauls or a little creative barhopping. Because it’s styled to look like a 1950’s Indian with valanced fenders and an old-school tank, it turns a lot of heads.

But if you do have $75,000, or maybe a little more or less depending on the goodwill of Big Tony, you can have this gem from Big Tony’s Chopp Shop:

Drop Seat Hot Rod – Unforgiven

All Unforgiven Photos Courtesy of Shooters Images

The bike, and I hesitate to call it something as utilitarian as a “bike,” us “a 2011 radically slammed 23′ 20′ pro-street low-rider.”

According to the copy, it features a War Eagle Customs one off chassis, custom cycle control systems, a  polished air ride suspension,  an S.M.W. 120 inch 135 hp. show polished diamond motor, a Baker RSD  transmission with a Tech cycle three inch open belt drive and integrated oil filter.

To top it off,  Angel Sandoval of Extreme Kustom Paint Works laid down a one off green base with silver leaf candy green with black inlay and pinstriping/silver leaf paint job.

And you can drive it home provided you bring a valise full of the requisite amount of American Cash Money to Big Tony.

Check it out here…

1980 Yamaha Exciter 250 – Which We Have Named “Tiny Takeshi”

All Tiny Takeshi Photos Courtesy of Joe

At the other end of the spectrum, and though it’s a little smaller displacement than would be appropriate for a man of my gross vehicle weight, you have this awesome runner, a 1980 Yamaha Exciter 250.

The Exciter is a 4 stroke,  2 cylinder, 250cc powerplant that weighs in a slightly less than I do around  250lb dry weight.

With five speeds and the sort of 80’s styling no one wants to see return to the world of motorcycling, this bike was reliable and simple in the extreme. With one of these babies, you can be assured that no fine ladies will be particularly interested in riding with you, or for that matter, being seen in your general vicinity.

On the up side, anyone desperate enough to steal this machine is either horrifically poor or lack in an appreciation of the finer points of motoring.

As for the condition of this modest motorcycle, according to Joe, it’s got all you need and nothing you don’t:

  •     RUNS GREAT

What will this rather common, unpretentious and economical mode of transportation set you back?

A mere $500 cash.

The specs should anyone actually care:

Displacement:    240.00 ccm (14.64 cubic inches)
Engine type:    Single cylinder, four-stroke
Power:    17.00 HP (12.4 kW)) @ 7500 RPM
Top speed:    115.0 km/h (71.5 mph)
Compression:    9.2:1
Bore x stroke:    73.5 x 56.5 mm (2.9 x 2.2 inches)
Valves per cylinder:    2
Fuel control:    OHC
Cooling system:    Air
Gearbox:    5-speed
Transmission type:    Chain
Front tire dimensions:    3.00-19
Rear tire dimensions:    120/90-16
Front and rear braking system:   Not really applicable was you won’t really be going very fast at all
Fuel capacity:  2.64 gallons which should be good for a startling range of perhaps 180 miles

Check this bike out and hand your cash over to Joe here…


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