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Why Tattoos Are Forever And Not Always A Good Thing – Jesse James and Kat von D Split

Choose the Subject of Your Tattoo Carefully – Just Saying…

Maybe it wasn’t such a hot idea to hook up a guy who was crazy enough to cheat on everyone’s selection for The World’s Cutest Movie Star, Sandra Bullock, but Kat von D, the erstwhile fiancee and squeeze of custom bike builder Jesse James, took the idea a bridge too far…

In a video preview of the season five opener of Von D’s show, LA Ink,  she dropped the bomb on the former host of the Monster Garage by flashing James with some ink designed for her formerly betrothed.

“I’m getting his face tattooed on me and he’s about to see it and I’m like, I have no idea how he’s gonna react,” von D said. “He walks in and he’s like. . .uh, am I supposed to be here, what’s going on, ya know.”

Seeing as how both parties confirmed their intention to call off the wedding this week (with James citing the physical distance between them as the reason)in may have been, in retrospect at least, a not great choice of body art.

In what turned out to be a case of art imitating life, Von D said in the clip, “I bet you’re gonna tell me you’re breaking up with me. Just kidding.”

Ouch. Guess that’s the way it goes. Consider it a cautionary tale of what you should and should not choose as the subject of your tattoo.

Next time, and if you’re deciding to go with one yourself, you should probably consider something with a generic Samoan theme or the always classic barbed-wire.

The Jesse James Story

In 2000 the Discovery Channel ran a documentary called Motorcycle Mania which featured Jesse James going about his day-to-day business. After the show did solid ratings, the Discovery Channel then offered James a show to be called Monster Garage where James and crews of mechanics selected for their particular areas of expertise modified vehicles on deadline.

In a strange turn, James then signed on for a stint on the Donald Trump reality teevee vehicle, Celebrity Apprentice. James was ultimately fired by Donald Trump on the second-to-last show.

Another James show, Jesse James Is a Dead Man, premiered on Spike TV on May 31, 2009, and the show was built around the premise of James taking on “death defying” stunts. The first episode of Jesse James Is A Dead man set a ratings record for Spike and drew the largest audience ever for a reality series on Spike and drew approximately 2 million viewers.

James then made headlines with his marriage to, and subsequent divorce from, movie star Sandra Bullock in the wake of his admitted infidelities.
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