Three Awesome Indy Motorcycle Movies

The advent of inexpensive, high quality, lightweight video equipment like the Canon and Nikon lines of 1080p cameras and the GoProHD has spurred a renaissance in motorcycle movie production.  Couple that with the built-in promotional machine that is the Internet, and you have the formula for independent movie production on a massive and highly democratic scale.

Riders, bike builders and artists are no longer dependent on the production infrastructure that once held movie makers back and left them swinging in the breeze while praying for funds. Directors can now put together proof-of-concept pieces to help them generate budgets or just help defray the cost of beer and gasoline as they make their masterpieces.

You may not find all these works particularly professional or engaging, but you should at least admire the amount of hard work, creativity and tender loving care that went into the production of these highly entertaining and ambitious productions.

Suddenly, anyone with a few hundred dollars and time on their hands can make the motorcycle movie of their dreams, and as the technology falls in price movie makers continue to share their post production wizardry, the techniques which go into making the small motorcycle movies will be disseminated to the masses yearning to ride free, and as they are, the production values and professionalism of the output will head straight through the roof.

It’s Better In The Wind – Video Trailer 2 from Scott Toepfer on Vimeo.

Scott Toepfer started a  photo journal project, “It’s Better in the Wind,” which has since become a series of movies about motorcycles and riding life.

The second film, and it’s a work in progress looking for investors, is directed and shot by   DeVaughn Hughson and edited by Gabe Moscovitz and purports to be and insider’s look at the  hardcore lifestyle, one-percenter lifestyle of the men who make up the  oldest all black motorcycle club in America.

Outcast Forever  calls itself  a “backseat ride into the world of these self-proclaimed outlaw bikers, the close brotherhood and the wild lifestyle of an Outcast member.”


OUTCAST FOREVER (teaser) from Outcast Biker Film on Vimeo.

The Outcast Motorcycle Club was originally formed in  November of 1969 in Detroit, Michigan on Woodrow Wilson Boulevard when men put together an all Black male Motorcycle Club.

Last but not least, a group of Frenchmen put together Riding September, a tone poem to those who love to ride and wrench on their machines and see the world from the saddle of a motorcycle.


Making of September Ride from Thomas Chedeville on Vimeo.



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