300 MPH On a Convention Motorcycle? That's Cranking It On

Back in 1907 when Glenn Curtiss set an unofficial world record of 136.36 miles per hour, on a 40 horsepower V8-powered motorcycle he designed and constructed himself, he may have been the only man to envision that someone would come along and top 300 mph on a conventional machine. No one managed to break Curtiss’ record until 1930, and his motorcycle is now in the Smithsonian Institution.

A Florida man, Bill Warner of Wimauma, topped 300 mph on a conventional motorcycle, reaching a top speed of 311.945 mph Sunday at the Loring Timing Association’s land speed races in Limestone, Maine.

Tim Kelly of LTA says Warner made his record run on a turbocharged 1299cc Suzuki Hayabusa and called it “the fastest speed obtained on a conventional motorcycle.”

Warner, 42, said his motorcycle “is built for speed and that’s what it did.”

Warner also held the previous “conventional” motorcycle speed record of 278.6 mph, which he set last October in Texas.

The current land-speed record for all motorcycles of any design was set last September on the Bonneville salt flats by Rocky Robinson on the Top Oil-Ack Attack streamliner. Robinson’s machine boasts 2,600 cc (160 cu in) and managed an astounding 376.363 over two runs utilizing it’s twin Suzuki engines.

Bill Warner’s 300+ MPH Run


Rocky Robinson’s Land Speed Record Run


Rocky Robinson
Loring Timing Association

Bill Warner

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