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Sturgis Rally Trademark Post Mortem – Vendors Say They Got Killed

Attendance was down for the 71st Sturgis Motorcycle Rally from last year, and no one seems quite sure as to why that was. The number of vendor permits issued by rally organizers was down to  719 this year from 761 in 2010 and 696 sold in 2009. “So far I am the only person who […]

How to Check the VIN Numbers on Your Harley, The Cops in Sturgis Will, So You Should Too

It might seem crazy, but every year, a ton of motorcycles are stolen during the Sturgis Rally. Expensive, custom and  show bikes are the most popular with thieves and on average,  a quarter of a million dollars worth of motorcycles are stolen during each year at the event. With that in mind, here’s how to […]

Bike Find of the Day – The High and the Low Range – A Custom Street Chopper and a 1980 Yamaha 250 Exciter

For today’s edition, I got it into my head to see what there is out there on Ebay at the highest- and the lowest – end of the pricing scale. The only caveats before I started searching were that you could plausibly buy the bike here in the US and that it had to be […]

On Your Way to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally? 40 Weird Stops to Make on the Trip

A long rides makes for the necessity of many, many stops for gas and a stretch of the legs, and the ride to Sturgis, South Dakota is nothing if not long if you’re coming from either coast. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a list of rather bizarre places you can stop along […]

What To Expect at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2011 August 8-11, Your Sturgis Trip Guide

So you’re heading out to the Sturgis Rally 2011. This is the 71st edition of this famous and venerable gathering of bikers, riders and machines from all around the world, but if it’s your first visit to Sturgis, you need to know what to expect, so here goes… First, plan for some wild swings in […]