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Want To Thoroughly Test An Electric Motorcycle? Hand It Over the Coppers

Electric motorcycle manufacturer, Brammo Inc., wants to know how much abuse their forward-looking electric machines can take. So what are they doing to find out? Looking for police departments to beat the living snot out of them. In the past, the standard choice of a motorcycle for American police departments was a large, heavy machine. […]

Twenty Truly Wacky Motorcycles You'll Never Own

Whether it’s the bike with the Rolls-Royce V-12, a fully electric bike that does the quarter mile in 7.8 seconds, or a bike that gets an economical 25 mpg at 250 mph, here are the twenty craziest motorcycles ever to hit the road. You can cook on them, and some of them even let you […]

Sidecar speed record

The Suzuki Hayabusa powered Bakker Motorsports sidecar entry at the 2011 BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials rewrote the class record this year. Running in the SCBG 1350 class (Sidecar Blown Gas) the machine moved the record from the old 143 mph to 158.161 mph. The team broke the 160 mph mark with a pass of 162 […]

Ten Tips To Avoid Frustration When Buying Motorcycle Insurance

It’s easy to get seriously frustrated when you’re in the process of buying motorcycle insurance, but have no fear, we can offer you ten simple tips to avoid paying high motorcycle insurance premiums, finding cheaper motorcycle insurance and getting the bike you want without breaking the bank for your insurance coverage. Here’s our top-ten list […]

Catwoman Rides A Motorcycle With Huge Tires – Without A Helmet – And Wipes Out An Expensive Camera

According to the creator of the original Batman character, Bob Kane, Catwoman was inspired by old-school film stars Hedy Lamarr and Jean Harlow. Kane was trying to inject some sex appeal into his Batman comic books so he and writer Bill Finger created a “friendly foe who committed crimes but was also a romantic interest […]

The Man Who Gave Us the Ducati Monster, Claudio Castiglioni, Dead At 63

The man who saved Ducati and MV Agusta, Claudio Castiglioni, died in Varese, Italy this week at the age of 63. Castiglioni, the man most responsible for bringing the world the Ducati 916 and Monster and the MV Agusta F4, was already a legend in the motorcycling community. “There are so many bikes that wouldn’t […]